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Check Mates is the first and ONLY original collection of fiction and poetry written about
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
by the people who know best --

A portion of the proceeds from
EVERY copy of Check Mates sold
will go directly to various OCD charities.

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Your Bonus Gift from Vrinda Pendred
FREE short story about Tourette Syndrome

'The Passenger'. Vrinda is a prolific writer of fiction depicting the psychological and emotional side of neurological conditions. As her bonus gift, she is offering a free download of ‘The Passenger’, an unpublished short story about Tourette Syndrome, which gives the reader an insider's view of life with Tourette's.

Vrinda is the Founder, editor and a contributing author at Conditional Publications. She was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome at the age of 7, and has since learned she also has OCD, ADHD, Autism and a mood disorder. She has also had a lifelong passion for writing. Believing education and self-acceptance are the best kind of therapy, she established Conditional Publications to increase understanding of such conditions, and to give hope and a public voice to people living with neurological conditions by publishing their written works.

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Your Bonus Gift from Lynn Serafinn
FREE eCourse to help you overcome limiting thoughts

"Making Friends With the Monsters Under Your Bed" mini-course. Anxieties, fears, insecurities and negative self-talk are common experiences to all, with or without OCD. Lynn likes to call these experiences "monsters". In Lynn's "Monsters" course, she shows you 5 steps to recognising and shifting limiting thoughts and default behaviour patterns, so you can move past them and reclaim your life. This mini-course comes with a downloadable 1-hour audio, written transcript and detailed workbook to introduce you to Lynn's complete "Monsters" system and help you get started to making friends with your own monsters!

Lynn Serafinn is an award-winning and internationally recognized transformation coach, book promotion coach, teacher, speaker, radio host and bestselling author. She is the child of an OCD father, mother of an OCD daughter, and is passionate about helping people who find it difficult to express themselves fully, due to anxieties and limiting thoughts. Having successfully conquered depression and PTSD, she now has a rich, productive life exploring and embracing the creative side of her own ADD, whle coaching and training other creative individuals to do the same.

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Your Bonus Gift from Nia Peeples
A 1-Year Subscription to the "Elements of Life" Audio Seminars

"Elements of Life" is a philosophy based on 12 elements that have been the most powerful and grounding forces in Nia's personal journey to live a unique, authentic and satisfying life. It is the answer to the question she is asked most often: "How do you do it?" Your bonus gift is a full year subscription to the audio seminars from her new website, “Nia’s Elements of,” an inspirational and fun advocacy site for women.

Nia Peeples is an actress, writer, singer and key note speaker. Voted one of "People Magazine's 100 Most Beautiful People", Nia is best known for her roles in the award-winning TV series "Fame" and "Walker Texas Ranger." After the devastating tsunami in south east Asia, Nia spent a month at sea on a 75-foot Bugi pirate schooner, delivering emergency supplies and medical care to the isolated villages off the west coast of Sumatra. This experience helped inspire her to create "Elements of Life."

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Your Bonus Gift from Marifran Korb
FREE ebooklet: A Gift of Having Family Members With Neurological Disorders

So many people who grow up with parents who are mentally ill find it difficult to see the silver lining. In this free six-page booklet, relationship coach Marifran Korb reveals one gift she received from living with a bi-polar mother and a depressed father.

Marifran Korb is a relationship coach and a co-author of the bestselling book Overcomers Inc. She is dedicated to supporting adults who have grown up in family environments where mental illness was present. Her book: Breaking Through Concrete: The Gift of Having Mentally Ill Parents will launch this autumn.

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Your Bonus Gift from Geoff Laughton
Complimentary E-Guide on Plus Complimentary 4-Part Teleclass

  1. E-Guide: Three Steps To Transcending The Grip of Survival Energy. This E-Guide shows you three ways to get beyond being dominated by "Survival Energy” in your life. The report will explain how you can better thrive in challenging times and circumstances, all while expanding your heart connection to yourself and those you love.
  2. Complimentary Teleclass: “Getting Beyond Fear: Being Awake, On-Fire & On-Purpose.” This course will teach you ways, and provide you with concrete tools and practices, for breaking free of the ways in which your fears – particularly survival-based fears – stop your creativity, stop your relationships from thriving, and stop your well-being from being fully realized. It will show you how to step into a life where you are creating exactly what you long for, regardless of the circumstances of your life at any given time. As an added bonus, if you sign up for the Teleclass gift by May 14th, you will receive an extra surprise gift.

Geoff Laughton is a Transformative Relationships & Life Transitions Coach serving clients all over the world. He specializes in coaching couples and individuals in mid-life (40’s to 70’s) in getting back to living the life – and having the relationships – that they truly long for instead of what they have been settling for.

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Your Bonus Gift from Glenn M Smith
Free 7-day eCourse: Panic Attack Elimination Made Easy

On 7-day ecourse, you will learn: 1) How Anxiety Causes Panic Attacks, 2) More Pieces to the Panic Puzzle Explained, 3) Cardiovascular and Respiratory Effects, 4) Other Physical and Mental Effects of Anxiety; 5) Diet Concerns to Help Eliminate Anxiety; 6) Foods That Help to Eliminate Anxiety and Minerals to Help Cure Anxiety.

Glenn is a spiritualist medium, healer, hypnotherapist and host of the show "Practical Spirituality" on Spirit Quest Radio. After having overcome severe anxiety attacks though meditation, he knows exactly how to deal with the stress of mind, body and soul.

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Your Bonus Gift from Sheila Finkelstein
FREE self-reflective photo exploration (truly unique!)

THE RED ONION STORY: Peeling Away the Layers of an Onion, Analogous to Peeling Away the Layers of Ourselves. In this bonus, "The Red Onion Story", inspirational photograher Sheila Finkelstein takes you on a visual journey to the Self, as she invites you to explore peeling away the layers of a red onion as it relates to you. If you are ready to see your life and self through a new lens, and see things in fresh and innovative ways, you will relish this inspiring collection of a unique photographs and commentary as well as reflective questions that Sheila poses for you. There are plenty of opportunities for journaling.

The Point and Shoot Photo Expert Sheila Finkelstein is an artist, published writer, photographer and coach. Through 1-to-1 coaching and facilitating group telecourses and live workshops, Sheila works with people to bring them new insight, artistry and breakthroughs through the discipline and guidance of photography. She is particularly excited about the inner awakenings people experience with the simple, routine use of their digital cameras. "My camera has become my creative and spiritual friend." stated a subscriber.

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Your Bonus Gifts from Jessica McGregor-Johnson
TWO MP3 audio excerpts from her book
  1. Guided Contemplation: We all have our answers within, but sometimes it is difficult to find them. This guided contemplation will help you tap into the wisdom within and find those answers to any questions you may have.
  2. Guided Meditation on the Heart: The heart is the hub of love, but sometimes we lose touch with the love that is us. This meditation guides you to get back in touch with that love and move aside any blocks, and gives you an easy path to follow whenever you want to reconnect to your heart.

Author Jessica works internationally as a Life Fulfilment Coach and Passion Test Facilitator, empowering people to discover their passions, move past old limitations and create success in any area of their lives. Her book, Remembering Perfection – Everyday Inspiration for Living Your Spirituality, helps you learn how to in the live in the world with a spiritual focus that it is not separate from your everyday life, but runs through everything you do.

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Your Bonus Gifts from Yvonne Perry
2 free e-books

  1. Tips for Freelance Writing. Offers help for writers starting a freelance writing business.
  2. More Than Meets the Eye: True Stories about Death, Dying, and Afterlife. Designed to comfort those who are grieving the loss of a loved one. Insight on hospice and palliative care, signs to look for when death is near, euthanasia and end-of-life decisions, how to deal with the imminent death of a loved one, and how to help someone peacefully transition to the afterlife.

Yvonne Perry is a free-lance writer, editor, award-winning author, speaker, podcast host, keynote speaker, and the owner of Writers in the Sky Creative Writing Services. She is a graduate of American Institute of Holistic Theology where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Metaphysics.

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Your Bonus Gift from Allison Maslan
TWO months free subscription to
Blastation Interactive Goal Setting and Life Coaching Software

Daily goal planning and motivational tools you need for personal development, goal setting, meeting your career goals, finding happiness and fulfillment, and much more. Blastation usually comes with a 1 month fr*ee trial, but when you purchase Patrick's book, you get a full TWO months free.

Allison Maslan, is a number-1 selling author, Life and Business Strategist, speaker and homeopathic physician with over 25 years of entrepreneurial success to her credit. Her book Blast Off: the Surefire Success Plan to Launch Your Dreams into Reality was a number-1 bestseller in both the US and Canada.

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Your Bonus Gift from Schall Adams
Free MP3 audio download: 4 KEYS to an AMAZING Life!

In this inspiring audio, Schall helps you to connect to your true passions, find a way to express and monetize them, discover ways make a positive difference in the world with your special talents, and develop courage muscles to never give up on your true self.

Schall is an entrepreneur, writer, speaker, musician and founder of Girlfriend Mentors, a member based community creating a worldwide sisterhood of Happy Successful Passionate Women (and a few Great Guys!). She is a national speaker on the topics of health and happiness, writes two empowering blogs, and performs Funky Soulful Rockin' Blues with The Schall Adams Band.

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Your Bonus Gift from Caron Goode
3 podcasts, 2 chapters and 2 eBooks

  1. Three podcasts "The Freedom and Power of Intuitive Living"
  2. Two chapters from The Art & Science of Coaching Parents.
  3. eBook: Fully Alive! Feel Better, Look Younger and Improve Your Sex Life
  4. eBook: 21St Century Healing: Healing with Full Wave Breathing™ prepared by the Tom Goode, ND, DD International Breath Institute

Caron Goode is an award-winning author, health psychologist and medical intuitive. She helps parents and families through her writing, coaching and teaching, and by training parent coaches. Founder of Academy for Coaching Parents International.

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Your Bonus Gift from Brenda Adelman
Free Video series: Compassionate Forgiveness

In this 4-part video series, Brenda Adelman (MA Spiritual Psychology) shares her personal experience and practical exercises with you so you can finally release the anger and resentment you hold told your father, mother, yourself and/ or God and experience true freedom.

Brenda Adelman is the recipient of a Hero of Forgiveness award from the Hawaii International Forgiveness Project, transformational life coach and speaker, specializing in Healthy Boundary Setting. Brenda is also an award-winning actress with a one-woman show entitled, "My Brooklyn Hamlet", based upon her own amazing and sometimes shocking life-story, and about the power of forgiving the unforgivable.

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Your Bonus Gift from Kate Griffiths
Guide to the 10 steps to Authentic Leadership

Many people talk about authenticity and yearn for it. This is because it is so difficult to find and hold onto in a world where more materialistic values appear to hold sway. Teilhard de Chardin said We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. This guide sets out the steps we need to take to reconnect more fully with our spiritual selves and start living the life we were meant to lead.

Kate Griffiths' life was transformed by becoming a mother. It gave her the impetus to take some major decisions in her own life and realise that what mattered was integrity and living life as a journey to wholeness. She runs a business as a writer, speaker and coach based on spiritual values and shows others how to do the same.

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Your Bonus Gift from Shelagh Jones
Free report on Spiritual Marketing

Spiritual Marketing is a process with 5 clear steps - and most of us buy vegetables. In this fun report, Shelagh looks at Spiritual Marketing through the lens of how four very different vegetable retailers attract their customers.

Shelagh Jones has worked in, owned and coached the owners of small businesses for most of her professional life. She now runs Spiritus -the Spiritual Marketing Directory which connects businesses with customers through shared values in alignment with Law of Attraction.

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Your Bonus Gift from Paul Klein
Free eBook: Seize Control of Your Life and Progress to Success

In this practictal eBook, Paul helps you develop the winning attitude and traits needed with ease.

Paul assists those in the personal development field by helping them to focus on strengths while improving any areas that clients feel less than sufficient. His discipline accountability affords greater accomplishments for those under his care.

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Your Bonus Gift from Charly Leetham
1-hour MP3 audio: "Health, Wellness And Your Business Success"

Outrageous Health, is not just about food and exercise. It’s about knowing how to feel outrageously healthy every single day of your life rather than waiting until you’re some version of ‘perfect’. In this 1-hour audio, "The Secrets About Health and Wellness And Your Business Success", Charly interviews Lenore Miller, the founder, host and coach of Outrageously Healthy, about the connection between Outrageous Health and Business Success – what successful business owners already know and are just not sharing.

Charly Leetham is a Business Implementation expert who has a holistic approach to business building. She works directly with businesses to translate their unique business requirements into a technical specification and ensure that the technology solution is an enabler that supports the business rather than determining the direction of the business.

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Your Bonus Gift from Paula Tarrant
Free E-Book AND 1-Hour Audio Course
  1. "The Law of Attraction In Action, Volume 3". Original articles from 55 successful women, including Paula, from countries as diverse as Australia, The USA, Singapore, France and New Zealand. Every one of these articles focuses on ACTION, and to make it easy for you, every article finishes with a series of actions you can take today to start attracting success in your life!
  2. "7 Essential Secrets to Creating Powerful Transformation So You Can Stop Struggling and Start Thriving Today!" audio course. In this 1-hour audio, you will learn the 7 essential keys to creating powerful transformation that will move you from struggle, fear, doubt and confusion and into the ease and flow of inspiration, clarity, direction and purpose. Learn how to delight in your thriving, abundant life that is an expression of your True Self, full of energy, joy and peace of mind!

Paula Tarrant is a Spiritual Life Coach and Transformation Expert who is passionate about helping spiritually and socially conscious women create heart-based and spirit-centered lives and work. She helps empower clients to embrace the deeper connection to the Creative Life Force within, so they can live in the magic of life and fully express their originality, authenticity and unique brilliance.

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Your Bonus Gift from Heidi Richards

Become a winner for yourself, your company and your life. Unblock limiting beliefs, learn new skills and methods to move forward in your life towards your goals. Understand stereotypes of success, harness your inner power to stride forward, plan the perfect performance and build to reach your dreams. You can achieve unbelievable outcomes easily and effortlessly, starting now.

Heidi Richards Mooney is a serial entrepreneur, author of several books and social media expert. She is also the founder of several organizations for women including the Women in Ecommerce and Inventing Women and the Publisher of WE Magazine for Women an International Digital Lifestyle and Business Magazine for Busy Women on the Go.

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Your Bonus Gift from Iyabo Asani
Free 40+ page report "Reinventing Your Life"

Get this great 40+ page report from Iyabo Asani, Life Strategies Coach who helps smart, high achievers Live Their Truth in life, business, money and relationships.


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Praise for the book Check Mates...

"A fascinating and enlightening read, so brave and honest. OCD: I never really knew. And now I'm so glad that I do."

-- Nia Peeples, actress, singer and writer

"This powerful collection offers readers a rare and intimate glimpse into the mind of those who struggle with OCD."


"What a wonderful opportunity this book presents readers looking to understand such a complex and multifaceted disorder!"

-- Jeff Bell, author of Rewind Replay, Repeat: A Memoir of OCD

Check Mates
A Collection of fiction, poetry and artwork
about obsessive compulsive disorder by people with OCD

Edited and co-authored by Vrinda Pendred
Coming to Amazon May, 2010