By Andre Norris

I just want people to know that even though it has an awful name, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is actually a devastating neurological illness. It’s deeper than it seems.

Sometimes it gets so bad I can’t even think straight or get anything finished. Being restless as an adult in public is not only tiresome, it’s embarrassing –  acting on impulse, saying things and wishing you could take them back. All of these things are tough to live with, not to mention having constant sleeping difficulty.

How about emotional instability, at times saying ‘I love you’ to friends and family like a billion times and other times wanting to punch someone out – being so distracted that you can’t drive a car, finish a Movie, read a long novel or even say a prayer in your head without getting your attention pulled elsewhere.

It’s tough and I just wanted to let people know it’s not the joke everyone thinks it is.

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  1. Laurie Hurley says:

    I feel for you. My 13 year old has ADHD as well as OCD and several other learning and emotional challenges and I know exactly what you are talking about. It is not a joke at all. And people who think it is are ignorant and naive. As a teenage, she is the butt of not only jokes but teasing, bullying, and having a very difficult time living a normal like in a family unit. We worry constantly about her and how she will ever make it on her own in life. I don’t think she will and there are not enough places that support and help her with life skills.
    God bless you.

  2. Andre Norris says:

    Thank you so much.You know a lot of people don’t even Believe it’s real or they think it’s over-diagnosed which maybe it is but I ‘ve been Diagnosed twice when I was 7 or 8 and again at 19 so I know that my Diagnosis is what it is that and the fact that Ritalin, Dexedrine and Adderall have seemingly all worked wonders at one time or another.But really best of luck to you and your son and god bless both.I certain know how hard this can be to deal with. I have family members with Epilepsy,Autism, Dyslexia, and I also have Dyspraxia(Motor Skills Disorder).Neurological Disorders are no joke.

  3. Andre Norris says:

    I meant your Daughter I’m sorry I lost my head. I can’t stand When I lose my train of thought.I always want to say one thing and if I’m really distracted or distractible many times the opposite will come out.It’s really frustrating.Even forming coherent thoughts, Reading and writing is difficult for me at times because I just can’t concentrate so my brain isn’t as sharp when my Adderall wears off. I can’t stand when I read things and miss details drives me crazy due to that fact the I can read well but if you can’t think straight how much good will it do you.It might have something to do with why I can’t drive almost 24 and didn’t finish high school but I could practically re-build a desktop computer from scratch,Install Microsoft windows, set-up a home theatre. Talk to people about medical issues. ADHD is really draining because it feels like I have intelligence and skills I can’t use.I’m still really Hyperactive remember I’m almost 24 years old but I can play it off and make it seem like nervous energy.All this time that’s passed and it really hasn’t gotten much better at all.The Adderall only suppress the symptoms.

  4. Roxanne says:

    From a Mum of a boy with ADHD plus high-functioing Autism, thank you for writing this and giving an insight into the struggle that is within you. I shall be sharing this with others and I will also be printing up a copy for myself.

    That way, I can remind myself that even though everything might seem okay on the surface, underneath there is a lot of stuff going on.

    Thank you once again =)

  5. Lydia says:

    I have ADHD and I’m not on medication at the time because the medication makes me angry and then I have to take mood stabilizers along with antidepressants because it also makes me sad. I’m trying my hardest to not be on the medication and I’m sure if I work hard enough at it I can learn to go on with out it. I’m sure anyone that has any doubts will be surprised by a person with ADHD. We might be a bit strange at times but with the right help we can make it and lead a happy life. Parents do not give up hope on your kids just keep working with them. I did drop out of high school but when I got my GED I got above average on everything and I’m certified in managing electronic medical records and I will be starting school again next year. I’m also married. We can do what anyone else can do we just have to work a bit harder.

  6. Katie says:

    I am 12 and ADHD makes it hard to even live. Bullies are every where. I get called weird. It’s not a joke when someone can’t change so they just cry. Leave us ALONE!

  7. Jerrad Morris says:

    I am also 24 with ADHD we talk fast we over explain we mix up words we type to much it makes depression and anxiety worse and sleep sometimes feels like actual pain from headaches I once won a bowling game and I became upset silently made it to the gym and I separated myself from the group for an hour and half I was upset that I got upset and thought it was stupid which in return made me feel stupid im off my meds and struggle still million thoughts per second feeling socially awkward just need it to end

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