I have been diagnosed with OCD, Depression, BI-Polar Axis 2 and General Anxiety Disorder. I have very similar contamination fears [to Jennifer’s – see Jen Abrams’ testimonial]. I was diagnosed with OCD at age 4 and I am now a 32-year-old woman still suffering with this. I grew up around a mentally ill mother who is now deceased. I also have irrational fears of stabbing people I love. I believe this fear stems from the fact that my sister was stabbed by my mother as a baby. She survived and is a year older than me, and suffers from similar mental health problems.

I have sexual OCD thoughts that are inappropriate and I think that also started growing up with a mentally ill mother saying crazy things around me all the time. I have obsessionsv/ compulsions associated with tasting non-food items: I don’t injest them, but have tasted many things, and I immediately wash my mouth out after! This started as a teenager – smelling nice shampoo and wondering if it tasted as good as it smelled…it doesn’t!

I am a nice person and most people recognize that. I don’t share these things with many people unless I really trust them not to judge me. I hate my OCD at times and then other times, I’m scared to be without it. It’s been a “Security Blanket” for me for many year, I feel to control a world that started so “Out of Control” as a child.


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